Is My New Roof Covered By Insurance?

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Hail damage to a metal roof

Insurance companies are well aware of how important a healthy roof is. They’re meant to protect your loved ones and belongings from harm, which is a pretty heavy task. This means that healthy roofs also prevent insurance companies from having to pay heartily for water and mold damage, or any injuries incurred due to roof failure.  In addition to this, if the roof has only sustained minor damage, it’s much less expensive to payout for repairs right now than to pay for a new roof that’s required due to failure to maintain and repair. However, it should be known that some insurers do now restrict coverage, and many will no longer cover an aging roof. With all of these details, you may be wondering if your roof will be covered if/when it needs it.  


While every policy is different, dwelling coverage included in your homeowners insurance is typically meant to protect your home’s physical structure from damage acquired via “an act of God”. This means damage sustained in a fire, hail, wind or other weather event. This means that holes caused by hail or fires caused by a lightning strike should be covered at least partially.  


As mentioned above, every policy varies and it’s impossible to say absolutely, but there is typically a deductible that has to be paid out prior to your insurance paying out the remainder for repairs and replacement. There will also, most likely, be a coverage limit, so you need to know exactly what your policy states so you know what will be covered in advance. 


As long as there are not any exclusions stated in your policy, leaks resulting from wind, hail, fire or another “act of God” should be covered.  


You know this already, but every policy is unique. Things that are typically not covered include average wear and tear and damage that is the result of neglecting to properly take care of the roof over time. Accidental and sudden damage are usually the standards for what’s covered by a policy, so again, know your policy before you make any commitments. Amercian Elite’s team of professionals are here to guide you through the entire insurance process and assist you every step of the way. Give us a call today to get started!

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