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Siding Repair and Replacement for Your Chicagoland Home

Siding is something that we see without really taking notice of. It has the ability to leave a lasting impression on strangers while also providing your home with its own protective shell, so shouldn’t we give it a little more credit from time to time? 

Giving your siding a good once-over every few months can help keep your home free from potential damage due to flooding, rot and mold. If you spot areas that look questionable, give American Elite a call to come take a look and get it taken care of. Don’t neglect these areas because they can result in expensive issues for you in the future. 

Available Siding Materials

There are a variety of options for the siding of a home.  We’re here to guide you if you’re unsure of the best fit for your home, and will let you know the pros and cons of each material you’re considering. We’ll work alongside you to create the aesthetic of your dreams while fitting in your budget and meeting your goals. The most commonly used materials for home siding are stucco, vinyl, wood and brick, and the choice is up to you. 

Signs Your Siding Needs Some Help

Since siding tends to be an unsung hero of the home, you might not know what to look for as indicators of problems with your siding. Maybe it’s just kind of chipped and a bit faded. You’re probably okay leaving it alone for now if you’re not ready to take the next step. However, there are some more serious things to look out for: 

Broken or Damaged Siding

This is an easy one to take note of. It’s not only ugly, but it leaves the home vulnerable to internal and external damages if left untreated. 


Home siding is, oftentimes, made up of porous materials that can easily host mold and mildew. It’s the perfect environment for mold spores to fester. If your siding has mold or mildew, the entire area needs to be removed. 


Rot appears when broken siding is left unrepaired. If you find rot, the entire piece must be removed to ensure it is all taken care of.  

Lowered Home Insulation

Damaged siding can allow air to travel in and out of the house, which results in higher heating and cooling costs. If you’ve noticed an uptick in your bills, take a look at your siding to be sure it’s not the culprit. 

request a free siding repair and replacement estimate from American Elite Roofing

Reach out to our expert team of siding repair and replacement professionals in the Chicagoland area today for a no-cost estimate. 

The Benefits of Good Siding

When your home is equipped with quality siding, the top benefit comes in the form of money saved on heating and cooling costs. Look at siding as a heavy coat for your home. Trapping the warmth and cold when necessary while keeping everything else out. High quality siding will keep your home protected from the elements while keeping your wallet a little heavier over the years.

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