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Insurance Claims Adjusting and Public Adjusters

The aftermath of a storm or fire can be scary, but generally you feel okay knowing insurance is there to help take care of any damage your building sustained. Afterall, it’s their job to cover your property damage to the full extent of your policy. Unfortunately, research shows that insurance companies don’t always follow through on this promise, leaving property owners spending from their own pockets for damage they had no control over. Lucky for you, American Elite’s top-tier licensed and bonded Illinois Public Insurance Claims Adjusters are here to ensure you get your residential and commercial property damage fully recovered.

What is a Public Insurance Claims Adjuster?

A public insurance adjuster is the only type of property loss professional with the ability to work on behalf of a policyholder. Individuals and businesses both will hire a public adjuster if they would like assistance in filing an insurance claim or feel their not being treated fairly by their insurance company. Public insurance adjusters do a thorough evaluation of property loss and assist in filing insurance claims for a monetary fee. These are licensed professionals working for the individuals and businesses, not insurance companies. Using one can save you a great deal of time, effort and stress while ensuring you’re being treated fairly.  

Do I Need a Public Adjuster?

If you are thinking about filing a property insurance claim, you should definitely consider hiring a public adjuster. This is especially true if the claim is for a substantial amount of money. It’s possible that you’re overvaluing or undervaluing your losses, so it’s good practice to get that second opinion to be certain you’re getting exactly what you deserve from your insurance company. Additionally, we’re trained professionals who are able to account for every cost associated with your replacement, so we never leave out any details such as tear-off costs or delivery fees. It’s imperative to submit an accurate claim that is as detailed as possible, and we’re able to achieve that quickly and easily. No matter how great your insurance company is, they’re never going to just up and give you more than the amount you claimed, and public adjusters are here to be certain your claim is pristine. 

Who Are We?

American Elite is composed of a team of Licensed & Bonded Insurance & Restoration Professionals. We’ve been able to assist over 550 Chicagoland residential and commercial property owners in getting fair compensation from their insurance companies. We’re licensed by the Illinois Board of Insurance and our Elite Public Insurance Claim Adjusters are always held to the highest standards. 

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We are committed to providing the very best public adjuster services to every customer in their time of need. We’ll be there fighting for you throughout the entire claims process to ensure you’re getting every penny you deserve. From an on-site assessment with a certified inspector all the way to the tedious claims process and payout, we’re here every step of the way. If your home has sustained damage in a storm or fire, contact us today for our professional assistance. 
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