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Experienced Exterior Painters

Exterior painting is an undertaking best left to a team of professionals. Certain paint is required to ensure your home is protected from harsh weather and UV rays, and application can be difficult. American Elite is here to take care of all your home exterior painting needs. Our expert team moves quickly, cleanly and gets the job done right the first time. Let us freshen up your home and boost your curb appeal and property value at the same time! 

The Paint Experts You Need

A fresh coat of paint on your home is your first line of defense against unwanted moisture, potential rot and infestations. Extreme wood damage and warping can occur in weak areas, but paint can help keep those places better protected. If you don’t keep your home protected and take care of its needs, you could end up paying the (very steep) price for it in the future. 

Don’t wait on getting your painting done; let American Elite get it taken care of so you can worry about other things! Negate potential damage with expert painting services. We have the skills and knowledge needed to get your home looking and feeling shiny and new.  

Top-Quality Work

Experienced exterior painters know that only the very best materials should be used in a home project. We employ the highest quality paint and products available to ensure your home is always safe and protected from the elements while also looking absolutely stunning. A good coat of paint is able to extend the life of the home’s siding by up to ten years, so it’s an investment worth making. American Elite is committed to taking care of your home as if it’s our own.  

We know that many folks believe you can DIY any exterior project, but this is not the time or place for it. There are concise weather conditions and products needed, plus a specific technique in order to successfully paint your home’s exterior. Let us take care of it for you; you won’t regret it.

Can Bad Weather Mess It Up?

You’re probably wondering what impact the weather can have on your exterior painting project. Can it damage the paint? Will it delay things? When is the best time to paint? Obviously, a sunny day in the summertime is ideal, but we know that’s not always going to happen. Our team of professional exterior painters at American Elite know how to avoid damage in adverse conditions to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

What Types of Exteriors Can Be Painted?

There are a variety of home exterior materials that need paint. This includes wood, brick, vinyl and many more. Each type of material has its own set of needs for prepping and painting, and our team of experts are knowledgeable about what is required for a successful project. 

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